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About Us

Established in 2005, we have a vast and long-standing record of helping our clients maneuver the often-confusing process of completing and filing an alcoholic beverage control application form for a license or permit with the New York Liquor Authority.

We understand that navigating the process can be difficult and intimidating, which is why we foster an environment of open communication with our clients. By responding to your queries promptly, we create a better relationship by ensuring you know what to expect from the process. We are always candid with our clients, so you know you can depend on us to provide you with an agreeable solution. Whether you are an individual in need of help with a license, permit, or you are an attorney who requires assistance with a time-consuming or complex application, we are here to make the process easier!

When you engage us, you are utilizing the experience and passion of a company that will work aggressively, proactively, and responsively on your behalf. We understand that obtaining a practical solution for your license & permit needs is of paramount importance. We take pride in offering reasonable and transparent service fees, so you are never surprised when you receive your invoice for payment!

If your business or client requires a license or permit within New York State (or the five boroughs of New York City and you have already been approved by your local community board as mandated), do not hesitate to contact ABC Form Prep and see how we can help you! We are committed to preparing and filing your license or permit application form as quickly and fuss-free as possible! Please take advantage of our free consultation!